The History of Mickes Quality Machining and Our CNC Machine Shop

We are a small family owned CNC machine shop located in Columbus, Ohio that offers custom machining for an affordable price. At Mickes Quality Machining we genuinely value quality and pursue perfection with every job. We love working with people to make sure their projects meet the requirements needed for implementation, and always maintain contact throughout the machining process to ensure our customers' satisfaction.


Our team will do everything possible to ensure you are completely satisfied. We look forward to working with you - now and in the future.


Our History


After losing his father at a very young age Mr. Mickes’ mother was left with an infant, a 6th grade education, and 3 businesses. Unfortunately, they lost everything, finding themselves poor and tending the family farm to survive. After many years of extreme ups and downs a few things remained constant: his love for his family, his faith, and his work ethic. Sometime later Mr. Mickes volunteered for the draft during the Vietnam War ultimately ending up in Germany as an Intelligence NCO with Top Secret Cryptographic Clearance. After his service Mr. Mickes left the Army and ventured into the manufacturing trade. He worked for a few large companies machining components for almost every industry soaking up all the tricks of the trade from his older counterparts.


Eventually, a good friend requested he come work with PIRI (Photonics Integration Research Inc.) a growing fiber optics company running the machine shop. Mr. Mickes happily obliged not knowing the move would change his life as he knew it. A few years later the fiber optic company Mr. Mickes worked for sold and closed its doors in 2004 selling off all of the assets in the process. Like many of his coworkers at the time he seized this opportunity to purchase a majority of the machine shop and ventured out to create Mickes Quality Machining LLC. Although, as with any business, he has had his highs and lows Mr. Mickes has maintained a cheerful outlook through it all. Thankfully, in maintaining relationships within the scientific community throughout the years Mr. Mickes has transformed Mickes Quality Machining into a successful small CNC machine shop.

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Mickes Quality Machining
488 Trade Rd
Columbus, OH 43204

Phone: 614 746-6639 614 746-6639


Our Work

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